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Centennial 2010

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Foreign Accounting Professionals

The Canadian Chartered Accountant (CA) designation is internationally recognized for high professional standards in the accounting field. In today’s changing economic climate, business expertise is vital to the success and survival of every organization. CAs are in high demand across all sectors of the economy because they offer the talent, integrity, and expertise to make the right decisions. Canada's top corporations look to CAs to bring strategic thinking, business insight, and leadership skills to the decision-making table

As a foreign trained accountant, it is important to recognize that you must be a registered member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta (“ICAA”) in order to use the title Chartered Accountant or to use the CA designation in Alberta. Accounting in Alberta covers a wide variety of work; under Alberta’s Regulated Accounting Profession Act (“RAPA”), restrictions are in place for certain types of accounting work, including assurance services (audits or reviews).

The information provided in this website outlines the steps a foreign trained accountant must take to obtain membership in the ICAA and ultimately to the use of the CA designation in Alberta.

Before You Immigrate to Alberta

Your education and training can be assessed before you immigrate and you will be informed of what additional requirements you will need to complete in order to obtain the Chartered Accountant (CA) designation in Alberta. We suggest that you carefully review the information on this website; this overview and general understanding will help you to make better career decisions.

Admission Routes

Please select from the following admission categories to find out how you can begin your career as a Chartered Accountant.

Foreign-Designated Accounting Professional        Foreign-Educated with no Professional Accounting Designation