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Centennial 2010
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Services for CAs

The Institute is committed to helping Alberta CAs excel! This section of the website provides information and a number of online services for Alberta CAs, including employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities in both the profession and the community, and information on our Professional Services department, amongst many others. Use the navigation menus on the left side of your screen to explore the variety of services and information in this section. 


Introducing CA Assist
Toll free: 1-855-596-4222

Through a new program, called “CA Assist”, all Chartered Accountants and CA students in Alberta can now access confidential health and wellness support for themselves and their immediate families.

As a trusted provider of assistance services, CA Assist offers a network of talented, professional counsellors. CA Assist is also looking to build a dedicated network of Alberta CA volunteers to act as confidential peer support counsellors.

While most large organizations offer Employee Assistance Programs, CA Assist saw a need for a more comprehensive Member Assistance Program that could specifically address issues faced by CAs and CA students. One unique aspect of the CA Assist program is confidential peer support. This element connects a CA using the program to a CA colleague (on a confidential basis) who can better relate to and understand the nature of the challenges being faced.

The CA Assist program will have three major focuses:

1. provision of volunteer counselling for Alberta CAs;
2. immediate telephone assistance from an independent professional counsellor with a Masters-level degree or higher in their discipline; and
3. provision of short-term support in a wide variety of areas, including standard employee assistance program services (stress and anxiety, anger management, depression and burnout) as well as health and wellness initiatives (nutritional counselling, eating disorders and health assessments).

The Importance of Confidentiality

We know that initiatives of this nature can only become successful if the program is trusted by the individuals who utilize its services. All professional services of CA Assist will be provided by third-party professionals, with their own provincially legislated code of ethics. In addition, CA peer counsellors will receive training and sign confidentiality agreements.

Want to assist CA Assist?

CA Assist is actively looking for CA peer volunteers to help other CAs, CA students, and their immediate families by sharing their experiences and providing a sounding board for individuals facing challenges.


Sean Johnson
Director, Professional Services

Visit the official website of the CA Assist Program.