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Centennial 2010

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Appeal Tribunals preside at hearings to review the decision of a lower body. Under the Regulated Accounting Profession Act (RAPA) there are four areas of governance that can be appealed:

  • Appeals from decisions to place conditions on registration, or defer, or deny registration
  • Appeals from practive review directions related to insurance, course exams, or other Professional Development
  • Appeals from complaint dismissals
  • Appeals for decisions and orders of Discipline Tribunals

An appeal hearing is based on the record of proceedings from the lower decision making body. This record would include the decision under appeal, a transcript the proceedings of the decision making body (if recorded) and any written materials, letters, exhibits etc that were before the decision making body at the time the decisioon was made. The Appeal Tribunal also has the authortiy to recieve further evidence if they agree to do so.

The Appeal Tribunal has the authority to:

  • Quash, confirm, vary or reverse all or any part of the decision previously made;
  • Make any finding or order it thinks to have been made, or
  • Refer the matter back to the same or another with or without decsions

The Appeal Tribunal must provide a written decision with reasons.