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Centennial 2010

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Breaking News!

Professional Development: For Professionals in All Industries

In response to a rise in registrations, we have added new seminar dates to the Winter Program. We welcome professionals in all industries to take part in the PD experience.

With many topics to choose from this Winter, our live seminars provide networking opportunities, interactive presentations and group discussions. A Professional Development experience you don't want to miss!

A selection of seminars to choose from! Please click on the links for more information:
  • Winning Edge Negotiation Skills (01453) – March 2 (Edm)
  • Acting as an Investment Trustee in Alberta (00879) – Mar 11 (Edm) Mar 25 (Cal)
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving (00946) – Mar 9 (Edm) or Mar 17 (Cal)
  • Effective Facilitation Skills (01005) – Mar 9 (Cal) or Mar 12 (Edm)
  • ASPE: Accounting Update for Professional Accountants in Industry (00087) – Mar 9 (Edm)
  • Adding the Income Dimension: The Science of Retirement Investing (00821) – Mar 11 (Edm) or Mar 25 (Cal)
  • The Poison of Perfection: Why Excellence is a Healthier Target (01008) – Mar 11 (Edm) or Mar 16 (Cal)
  • Performance Coaching Fundamentals (01010) – Mar 16 (Edm) or Mar 20 (Cal)
  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credits (00203) – Mar 19 (Edm)
  • Improving Governance in Canadian for Profit Organization (00953) – Mar 24 (Cal) or Mar 25 (Edm)

And Many More!

To view our Fall/Winter Catalogue, visit:


To Register Online

Online CPD registration allows all users to register and pay for seminars online, purchase passports, transfer or withdraw from a seminar (if registration has been made online), receive confirmation letters and a receipt immediately. We are excited that these services are available so you can register anytime, day or night, in a convenient secure setting. We look forward to continuing to improve the effectiveness of our services.

To register go to Seminar Search and search by seminar or conference name, seminar code, date or instructor

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Please see How to Register for handy tips

CA Login: To access the secure website to register, you will need your member number and password. If you do not have your password, click on “Forgot your password?”.

Non-CA Login: To access the secure website to register, you will need to create an online account, if you have not previously done so. Once you have created your account you can immediately register for seminars online.

Note - the online account used to login to the secure site should correspond with the name of the person registering and attending the seminar, as the registration name will receive the CPD Credits.

Online registrations are processed immediately. Registrations received by email, fax or mail take between 5 to 7 business days to process. 

2014-2015 CPD Passports

We want to thank our members and customers for using our Passport Program. As of December 1, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. MT, online purchasing of CPD Corporate and Personal Passports is no longer available.  

Please call customer service to register for the Passport Program at 780-424-7391 or 1-800-232-9406.

For additional information on the Passport Program, please contact Member Education via email