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Centennial 2010

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General Information

Have you registered for one of the CPA Alberta seminars? Not sure what's expected of you? What to bring? Where to go? These and many other questions are quite common. The following information is to ensure that you have the best education experience.

If you have a question or problem and the answer is not presented, contact Professional Development at pdregistration@cpaalberta.ca or call 780-424-7391 or 1-800-232-9406 and ask to speak to one of our Client Service Representatives.

Seminar Information

Outlines what to expect when attending a seminar offered by the CPA Alberta. It will answer your questions from attendance, what to bring, seminar materials or locations. A link to the CPA Alberta Professional Development Frequently Asked Questions is provided to answers all you questions, even some you didn't realize you had!

Seminar Locations and Facilities

A list of facilities the CPA Alberta hosts professional development seminars and conferences.

Terms & Conditions

These pages highlight the terms and conditions of registration for our PD programs. They are in four categories: PD Seminars, Passport Program, Executive Leadership Program, and PD Special Conferences and Events. The CPA Alberta strongly suggests to everyone who registers for seminars with us, to make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions that apply to you. This will help you in the registration process, and will shorten any possible delays you may experience.

CPD Compliance

In June 2006, members voted on new uniform minimum CPD requirements, and they were adopted beginning January 1, 2008. They require to complete a minimum of 120 hours of CPD over a three-year cycle. This section outlines the pertinent information regarding your compliance including: relevant forms, submitting your CPD declaration, how and if you qualify to apply for exemption status.